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Monday, April 19, 2010

Remote viewing Mysteries and Mars

Mysteries and Mars

Here is the first project in a new series of public remote viewing projects. The target destination for this one turned out to be MARS - and some interesting (possible) structures in an official NASA/JPL image.

Nine methods/trained remote viewers from four differing remote viewing methods and schools participated in this first project.

3 x CRV viewers
4 x HRVG viewers
1 x TRV viewer
1 x SRV viewer

The target had three separate targets for the viewers to look at over 2-3 different sessions each. ... ect_1.html

The project details/background is here: ... oject.html

I would add from the start that most of the remote viewers picked up very similar data - most of this for three parts of the targets include 'life' and 'constructed structures' - (make of it as you will). But Alternative 3 may just live on after all. All this in the same month as Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project. :)

ALL the targets on this were done BLIND meaning the remote viewers had NO information upfront or until the project was completed.

All the best...


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Monday, December 01, 2008

CRV - Remote Viewing Training documents

My name is Daz Smith and for eleven plus years I have been a practitioner of CRV. This is a Remote viewing product designed and created by Ingo Swann and the SRI team during the years 1972-1984 for the U.S. Intel services and Military.

For years it’s been hard to learn CRV and I have seen it being mis-explained and misunderstood many times during this time in discussions and comments. For this reason I have collated some of the important and descriptive documents from both the CIA released archives and from the public domain in one place to help or educate those interested in this trainable psychic method.

Within this file there is:

  • SRI - Co-ordinate Remote viewing (CRV) Technology 1981-83 briefing.
    - from a paper authored by Hal Puthoff and the consultant Ingo Swann.
    I have included a ‘briefing version’ of this paper as it has more explanatory references to the CRV process and the R&D of stages 1-8.

  • Special Orientation Techniques - Stages 1-3
    Author - Hal Puthoff - 1984

    Overview of the first three stages of training with examples.

  • Special Orientation Techniques - Stages 4
    Author - Hal Puthoff - 1984

    Overview of the stage4 of training with examples.

  • Special Orientation Techniques - Stages 5-6
    Author - Hal Puthoff - 1984

    Overview of the stages 5-6 of training with examples.

  • Tom McNear CRV Training notes/manual -circa - 1985.
    One of Ingo’s first and possibly one of his best students training notes/manual in document form.

  • Paul Smith CRV Training notes/manual
    circa - (1996 onwards in the public domain) The modern most well know and used CRV manual.

  • Daz Smith Open Source CRV guide (2005)
    - my 'loose' guide with examples to use with the available material to help explain it better for those attempting to use CRV form the available material.

Click here to download the 10mb 260 page file:


Daz Smith

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Friday, November 21, 2008

160 Remote Viewing examples

160 (mainly CRV) Remote viewing Examples

I have just reorganised and updated the Star gate documents area of my main site and now have two pages of documents in .pdf format.
Page 1 has over 100 Military (mainly CRV) sessions for you to view
- all with feedback -

Page 2 - has a selection of interesting documents from the CIA archives.

I have also with permission and help from Angela T Smith added Angela's 2001 remote viewing study to the site - this includes all the 25 RV sessions from all the methods (CRV, TRV,ERV, HRVG) and schools (USMI L, PSI , RVI S, CRV) from all levels of trained people - విత్ their feedback and Angela's summary of the data.

Add to this my personal remote viewings and this makes approx 160 mixed method(but mainly CRV) sessions on public display with feedback.

All the best...

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