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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Remote viewing Mysteries and Mars

Mysteries and Mars

Here is the first project in a new series of public remote viewing projects. The target destination for this one turned out to be MARS - and some interesting (possible) structures in an official NASA/JPL image.

Nine methods/trained remote viewers from four differing remote viewing methods and schools participated in this first project.

3 x CRV viewers
4 x HRVG viewers
1 x TRV viewer
1 x SRV viewer

The target had three separate targets for the viewers to look at over 2-3 different sessions each. ... ect_1.html

The project details/background is here: ... oject.html

I would add from the start that most of the remote viewers picked up very similar data - most of this for three parts of the targets include 'life' and 'constructed structures' - (make of it as you will). But Alternative 3 may just live on after all. All this in the same month as Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project. :)

ALL the targets on this were done BLIND meaning the remote viewers had NO information upfront or until the project was completed.

All the best...


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Remote viewing - When will someone lead?

This week I left my membership to IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association) behind with the announcement to the admin that I would not be renewing the $50 fee.

Nearly two years ago after a long time watching IRVA from the outside I decided to try to participate from the inside to see if this could bring some much needed enthusiasm to the field of remote viewing - after all you have to be in it to win it - or so I hear.

Once inside these enclaves it soon became clear that this was another organisation like many others that really did nothing with the talented and enthusiastic people who work and run at the grass roots levels of the field. That the main aim of the organisation had become lost over time and now its only real aim was to keep itself alive, like a dying man hooked up to a tank of oxygen, one more breath, one more breath...

Time after time in forum discussions I saw talented and dedicated remote viewers who cried out for projects, full of ideas for expansion and modernisation beaten down with demoralised attitudes and excuses of money, time and resources.

So after nearly two years I would not renew - we are in financial turmoil across the globe and I couldn't justify $50 membership fee on a randomly produced black and white newsletter containing reviews of old remote viewing books and conference highlights where people talked anout the so called glory days of remote viewing in the 1970s.

I get around within Remote viewing community and will work with anyone who works properly and who will share and over the years I've discussed and met with many remote viewers, many of which cry out for and want leadership, want a direction to follow, want help and companionship on the learning journey that is remote viewing - the question is, if IRVA cant do this then who will.

Its a crying shame really because like we have all seen on report cards from teachers in our deep pasts there is the writing 'could do better' scrawled across the history of the organisation.

I guess time will tell.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

eight martinis remote viewing magazine issue 3

eight martinis remote viewing magazine is also now available as a Full colour printed and delivered direct to your door magazine.

This Issue has a general CRV focus with great articles from people like Lyn Buchanan and CRV examples from the creator himself Ingo Swann including parts of an operational CRV session with an evaluation of its operational use.

Issue 3 contains the following articles:

• Searching...

• The Role of Sketching in Remote Viewing.

• Remote Viewing Processes and Layers of Meaning.

• A Remote Viewing Experiment.

• Frontloading and Throughput in Remote Viewing.

• The Road Ahead.

• The Cassandra Syndrome.

• Remote Viewing & Project Stargate; An interview with Lyn Buchanan.

• Remote Viewing Websites & blogs.

• Ah, the Wonderous Joy of Doing Demo Sessions.

• Remote Viewing Documents: The DIA Grill Flame Report - January 1983.

To order a printed copy -

Free download of issue3:

Saturday, December 05, 2009

2009 lecture on CRV remote viewing at the Irish Ufo conference

From Paul O' Connor

I recently gave a lecture on CRV to the Irish UFO Conference, explaining where it came from, how it works, how it was and is being used, and how it can be used to view anomalous and esoteric phenomena, like aliens and UFO's, etc.

The person who recorded the conference is bringing it out on DVD and has just posted it onto YouTube.

Here's the link;

I want to acknowledge and thank Daz Smith for the use of his banner graphics and for some of the UFO session material he kindly shared with me. I also want to thank Lyn, and others, for the stories that they have shared with us

AND....for the record,
1. I do not benefit financially from the sale of the DVD.
2. I apologise in advance for any and all factual errors or misrepresentations.
It's hard to speak for 1.5 hours and keep your facts straight.
3. I welcome any/all suggested corrections to my personal email address

Happy Viewing,
Paul O'Connor MRIAI
19, Farmleigh Close, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, IRELAND
T: +353 (0)87 8149663
E: oconnor@...
Skype: paul_oconnor_ie
LinkedIn: pauloconnormriai

Remote viewing article in Irish Police force magazine

A fellow remote viewer and colleague Paul O' Connor has an article published in The September 2009 issue of 'Garda Review', the national magazine of the Irish police force, on the use of Controlled Remote Viewing by police forces in the US to help solve missing persons and cold cases.

To request a copy, please email Paul at

Friday, December 04, 2009

A casebook on remote viewing

Up-and-coming documentary filmmakers from The University of Texas at Austin will have a national audience for their work, thanks to a partnership between The University of Texas at Austin Documentary Center and The Documentary Channel®.

At the end of the spring 2010 semester, additional University of Texas at Austin student documentaries will be selected to be telecast on The Documentary Channel.

For further info.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Psychic news article Oct 2009 on Remote Viewing

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Telegraph article on remote viewing, UK

A few weeks back, I was interviewed by one of the UK's leading newspapers on the subject of remote viewing. Overall it did not turn out too badly as many of these things do when discussing the psychic and the paranormal.

Personally I feel my team of remote viewers DID accurately answer the remote viewing target/question of: 'were there any illegitimate children' as a NO. My team described the existing family with enough clarity to cause the reporter to be upset and cry but didn't describe any additional children - hence question answered IMO.

"Smith has used RV to visualise GPS co-ordinates and exact details of locations and crime scenes – helping police to track down lost children, as well as human remains and criminals on the run. He showed me letters of thanks for his help in finding the bodies of a missing US Army staff sergeant, and a Kansas suicide victim. "I couldn't save these people's lives, but I helped their families get closure on their deaths," he says.

How is it possible to do this? The answer, says Smith, lies in a programme devised for the CIA by a psychic called Ingo Swann, who developed techniques for stimulating creativity and accessing the subconscious. "Everyone is mildly psychic and can learn to do remote viewing," Smith says. "The training – which is lengthy, like learning a martial art – teaches you to interpret subtle gut impressions. But it's like everything: to be world-class you do need talent."

You can read the full article for yourself

All the best...

Remote Viewing the Derren Brown way!

This week we expect to follow the media trickster and psychological illusionist Derren Brown attempt to explain the extensive 20+ year military and 30+ public remote viewing efforts with his stage trickery.

His website states:

The Show:
In the 1960s, in response to a leaked KGB video, the CIA spent millions of dollars (the equivalent of $75m in modern money) on research into psychic abilities and in particular the principle of remote viewing - the ability to see and describe an object that is hidden from view.

Those of you with a knowledge of Remote viewing history will already see a mass of errors in this opening statement – which doesn’t bear well for a full, honest and accurate showing of remote viewing skills within the proposed event.

1. It wasn’t a leaked KGB video that started the CIA and military psychic spying programs
2. The spend in modern money was approx $20M over a period of 20 years.

What we know and practice as remote viewing (I’m guessing) is NOT what will be shown in this ‘event’. I’m sure during the length of the ‘event’ Derren will in many ways introduce a suggested remote viewing target into the minds of the suggestible. This is NOT remote Viewing.

Most remote viewing and remote viewers work with a set of rules called protocols. The main one of these being that the remote viewer is kept BLIND to the target. This means that the remote viewer has No information on what the target could be and have NO close communication or contact with people who know what they target is. For example they don’t have a mind magician, cold reading and subtly implanting imagery that will ‘pop-out’ as a revelation.

I for one would be very happy to see an impartial and honest scientifically run test of remote viewing. Alas I don’t think we will with this ‘event’.

But for those of you really interested in the ‘proven’ art then please view the examples here or on my remote viewing website (

Videos and examples of remote viewing on camera here:
Examples of (my) remote viewing here:
A BLIND example of remote viewing done for The Paracast radio show:
Military psychic spying examples here:
Science and related documents from the 20 year military and spying use of remote viewing:

All the best...

Daz Smith

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eight Martinis - FREE Remote Viewing magazine - Issue2

Well its finally here.

Issue 2 July 2009 - available Now!

This issue also comes in a full color printed on demand version. You only pay for a personal copy to be printed (we make no profit) and for it to be delivered to the United States, Canada and the U.K. only. By credit card or paypal.

Issue: 2 contains the following articles:
  • p-Teleportation
  • CRV: Identifying accuracy during a session
  • Remote Viewing from the Perspective of “Embodied Mind” Part 2
  • The Missing - Remote Viewers and law enforcement working together
  • Ethics in C/RV - part2
  • A Neuropsychological approach to the study of Psi
  • Do you know RV? - Crossword - answers
  • Arson - psychic manhunt for an arsonist
  • Remote viewing outcomes for fun & profit
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A 'Titanic' example of remote viewing in public.

Recently I was interviewed on the very interesting Paracast internet Radio show by Gene Steinbeg and David Biedny.

"April 26, 2009 — Daz Smith Paracast listener Daz Smith, who claims to be a trained remote viewer, discusses his background and ongoing experiences as a psychic. And, will he agree to our requests for a personal demonstration of his abilities? "

The show can be downloaded here:

Well after some discussion on air and off and a false start we did achieve a fairly level playing field allowing participation in a properly chosen and tasked target and blind remote viewing experiment for the shows forum users.

A target was chosen by the admins of the Paracast show and forum. They then assigned this a written random number and held this as a file to themselves.

The random number was the only information supplied to Myself and another participant in the attempt using the online name of 'Gulliver'.
The number supplied was 4672.

We both did our Remote viewing things and sent it to the project organiser David. On the 8th of may, 2009 he posted the feedback and started the discussion on the results on the Paracast forum here:

The feedback was:

The Titanic wreck.

The target description was: Describe the ship in the picture, and any details surrounding it.

Here is the summary of Gulliver's remote viewing information:
Clunk, whine, ssshhhh, rumble
Smooth, polished
Grey, purple, green, white
Synthetic feel, rubbery

Moving object, metallic, expensive, swish

Whirring sound
Lifting upwards, rising up
Winching, hinged joints, gears
Pointing upwards, aiming

Sense of a long tunnel or horizontal cylinder aimed in a particular
direction for a purpose
Pipes, tunnel

Slow movement, slow crawl
Heavy machinery
Wheel (steering)

Rows of long pipes on floor level
Reflection as if off water
A cockpit of sorts
Metal plates, welded
Heavy machinery being reeled in / pulled
Upside-down bell-shaped object

(odd flash of 2 figures dancing like a jive, hands clasped in front of

slow movement of large object
accompanied by a procession, marching, people
movement along a line,
sense of a tunnel again, long cylindrical length

(see the forum to also see Gulliver's great sketches on this target)

Here is the summary data from my remote viewing session:
The target mainly feels like:
Land, structure/s and a downwards feel or movement.

The land:
Direct, hard, solid rough and dry.

Feels manmade.
Strong imposing shape and form.
Tall, solid, hard, thick and dense.

The structure feels:
Very linear both on the horizontal and vertical levels. Lots of lines - blocky.
A part of the structure feels downwards based - drops downwards.
I’m not sure if this is motion or aesthetic and visual.

From the perspective of looking up at the target;
it looks linear and oblique/sloped.
Everything feels chunky, solid and dense.

This has a ‘monolithic’ and important feel to it, like a memorial, a great sense of pride and achievement, a strength and for show.

Parts of the structure feel:
Blocky, stepped down, solid, edged and chunky.
Strong angles and lines feel like a major part of this target.

A strong sense of downward comes with this target.
A part or focus of the structure is an up down movement, possibly with the eye. I feel the form of the structure and the downwards movement of it are combined in some way.

Personally we feel that this was a great double hit on the blind target all done out in the open in front of a sceptical audience. Read the forums for yourself to see the responses and reasons why some feel it was a miss and why :)

My remote viewing session on this in full can be downloaded here:



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Friday, March 27, 2009

Eight Martinis - FREE Remote Viewing magazine

Eight Martinis - Remote Viewing magazine
“What is an "eight-martini" result? Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good that it cracks everyone's realities. So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover.” - Ingo Swann

For a while now I (Daz) have wanted to gather and share all the great examples of remote viewing that I see and sometimes participate in, in one place for all to see and share. So I created eight martinis. This will be an online (for now) magazine available for FREE in a downloadable Adobe .pdf format, 2-3 times a year.

So much more great remote viewing goes on in the public domain which is equal to or better than the great (but now a little old and dog eared), Pat Price ‘Crane’ example that we see over and over, that I wanted eight martinis to show these in their full unformatted state so that we can all share and learn from them and our experiences.

So with this, the first issue is complete. It’s around 45 pages, Full colour glossy feel with interactive links, and with these opening articles;

Issue: 1 contains the following:

• Prediction and Multiple Universes
• CRV: From Tool to Application

• Remote Viewing from the Perspective of “Embodied Mind”

• Remote Viewing - So What’s new?

• Ethics in C/RV
• Sharing Experiences
• Do you know RV? - Crossword

• What is the Matrix?

• TDS Remote Viewing from Jesus to JFK

• Medical Remote Viewing

• Remote Viewing Blogs

• Remote Viewing websites

So please download, enjoy and pass on to friends.

Eight Martinis is open to content form all schools of thought, method or teacher. As long as it shows Remote Viewing examples and Remote Viewing being used - we will present it. If you want to submit material for the coming issues then please do - but it has to be example based, current or fairly new and it has to show applications of Remote Viewing.


All the best…

Daz Smith

Sunday, February 01, 2009

33 key SRI Remote Viewing project/reports in one file

From the golden age of remote viewing research work from SRI. Here is a single file containing 33 of some of the key reports and projects, including:

1 - An Application oriented Remote Viewing Experiment
2 - An Application Orientated Remote Viewing Experiment (SRI-Project 8339)
3 - Geophysical Effects Study (SRI Project 6600) Dec 84 M
4 - Geophysical Effects Study (SRI Project 6600) Jul 84)
5 - Personnel Identification and Selection (SRI Project 6000)
6 - special orientation Techniques (SRI Project 6600) (PA
7 - Special Orientation Techniques S-IV (SRI Project 5590
8 - Target Search Techniques (SRI Project 6600)
9 - special Orientation Technigues S-V, S-VI (SRI Project 6600)
10 - Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) Technology
11 - Computer-Assisted Search (SRI-Project 1291)
12 - Feedback and Precognition - Remote Viewing Experiments (SRI Project 1291)
13 - A Remote Viewing Evaluation Proposal
14 - Free World Psychoenergetics Research Survey
15 - NIC Techniques (SRI Project 7560)
16 - Possible Photon Production during a Remote Viewing Task
17 - Special Orientation Techniques (SRI Project 8465)
18 - A Remote Viewinq Evaluation Protocol (SRI Project 4028)
19 - An Automated RV Evaluation Procedure (SRIProject 7408-12)
20 - A Prototype Analysis system for Remote Viewing Task (SRI Project 1291)
21 - A Suggested Remote Viewing Training Procedure (SRI Project 1291)
22 - An Experiment to Explore Possible Anomolistic Behaviour of a Photon Detection System During a Remote Viewing Test (SRI Project 1291)
23 - Application of Fuzzy Sets to Remote ViewingAnalysis (U) (SRI Prolect 1291)
24 - Bacterial Mutation Study (SRI Project 7408-10)
25 - Enhanced Human Performance Investigation (SRI Project 1291)
26 - Enhanced Human Performance Investigation (SRI Prolect 1291)
27 - Enhanced Human Perfornance Investigation (SRI Project 1291)
28 - Enhanced Human Performance Investigations (SRI Project 7408)
29 - Feedback and Target Dependencies in RV Experiments (SRI Project 1291)
30 - Forced-Chance Remote Viewing (UL(SRI Project 1291)
31 - Location of Target Material in Space and Time (SRI Project 1291)
32 - Neurophysiological Correlates to Remote Viewing (SRI Project 1291)
33 - PSI Communications Experiments

download here



Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tha Art of the Ideogram in Remote Viewing

The Art of the Ideogram.

The Ideogram is a cornerstone of the CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) methodology created by Ingo Swann (Circa 1979-1988) as a consultant for SRI. The Ideogram has also been adopted by the following mutated forms of CRV but at times it’s been given less of a prominence in these later methodologies.

Firstly what is an Ideogram?
Simply put - An ideogram is a pictorial representation of an idea or concept.

For example:

This drawn symbol or shape is now commonly known to represent infinity. It cant possibly show everything that a concept like infinity means - but its shape and form represents the concept of infinity.

In CRV, the Ideogram represents an instantaneous reflex capture of the remote viewing target in picture form. A pictorial summary of the target.

The Ideogram takes the form of a reflex action with no drive form the conscious mind as it skips across the pages at a lightening pace. The Ideogram is then lightly probed to extract its ‘feeling’ its ‘form’ and its sensory impressions.

In essence in the many years of doing ideograms they have become known to me as an object of beauty, an art form, an expression of the entire target and every single bit of data, captured within a sweep on the pen.

Each and every single ideogram is different and although some have common features like straight or intersecting lines representing structures, most ideograms have that like bit extra, a subtlety that radiates the needed information. The key is to ta
ke the time to respect, explore and decode the ideogram properly. I’ve seen student want to skip this target of the remote viewing process in their willingness to sketch or delve into the depths of a target, yet it’s all here wrapped up in a beautiful, purely creative and personal expression of the target.

Over the years I have come to see ideograms as single works of art - a pure unaltered expression of the remote target, untouched by noise as it momentarily explodes form the creative mind on to the paper and dissipates in a nano-second
. I can look back on a remote viewing session containing multiple layered ideograms and with the hindsight of feedback - I see mapped in the swirling lines and unconsciously created ‘art’ a map of the target laid bare, waiting to be probed and discovered. Lying within the ideogram is a creative language stronger and more intense than any language of words.

A Recent example:

This is an ideogram recently created in a remote viewing project for a missing person.

At the point where the random target number ended you can see the creative explosion of information travel through me, into the pen and then on to the paper. You can trace the flow of the pen in the great arcing swirls and downwards as it records a life form, labelled [a.].

Then it skips across the page wanting to impart more information, which it does in a secondary explosion of sweeps and swirls reaching across the white void. This second Ideogram is labelled [b.] and when probed it indicates the confused, heavy, stifling, busy, mental condition of the target life form. This is a nano-second of creative expression, detailing a complex mental condition involving depression and sever confusion. On probing I can sense this, see it and feels it, a cloudy puffiness that takes over all.

The creative side of me sees this Ideogram as a thing of beauty a swirling form of energy as if reaching out across the pages with a story to tell.

It turns out the Missing person is a male with a severe mental condition who is prone to episodes of confusion, and who is still missing, presumed dead.

For the practitioners out there - remember to take your time and have fun with the Ideogram part of the process, it’s the creative side of you expressing the target in ‘your’ personal language. It also shows that behind all the acronyms and words that remote viewing IS an artistic process and that your Ideograms, sketches and even your pages of information are like little galleries filed with works of art., your art, learn to love and respect them.

For those methodologies or practitioners that have bypassed or relegated the Ideogram to a secondary position in your process - you need to re-evaluate this, go back and give it another try, look deep into the action and expression that explodes form both the target and from within in each of these little artworks.

All the best...


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Monday, January 19, 2009

A new dawn A new day...

Well here we are on the eve of history dawning as the United States receives its new president. Here's hoping it all goes well as a few remote viewing sessions I have seen looked like they showed some troubles.

“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid any more. We have seen the future, and the future is ours.”

- Cesar Chavez

all the best on this historic day!

Daz Smith

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Monday, December 01, 2008

CRV - Remote Viewing Training documents

My name is Daz Smith and for eleven plus years I have been a practitioner of CRV. This is a Remote viewing product designed and created by Ingo Swann and the SRI team during the years 1972-1984 for the U.S. Intel services and Military.

For years it’s been hard to learn CRV and I have seen it being mis-explained and misunderstood many times during this time in discussions and comments. For this reason I have collated some of the important and descriptive documents from both the CIA released archives and from the public domain in one place to help or educate those interested in this trainable psychic method.

Within this file there is:

  • SRI - Co-ordinate Remote viewing (CRV) Technology 1981-83 briefing.
    - from a paper authored by Hal Puthoff and the consultant Ingo Swann.
    I have included a ‘briefing version’ of this paper as it has more explanatory references to the CRV process and the R&D of stages 1-8.

  • Special Orientation Techniques - Stages 1-3
    Author - Hal Puthoff - 1984

    Overview of the first three stages of training with examples.

  • Special Orientation Techniques - Stages 4
    Author - Hal Puthoff - 1984

    Overview of the stage4 of training with examples.

  • Special Orientation Techniques - Stages 5-6
    Author - Hal Puthoff - 1984

    Overview of the stages 5-6 of training with examples.

  • Tom McNear CRV Training notes/manual -circa - 1985.
    One of Ingo’s first and possibly one of his best students training notes/manual in document form.

  • Paul Smith CRV Training notes/manual
    circa - (1996 onwards in the public domain) The modern most well know and used CRV manual.

  • Daz Smith Open Source CRV guide (2005)
    - my 'loose' guide with examples to use with the available material to help explain it better for those attempting to use CRV form the available material.

Click here to download the 10mb 260 page file:


Daz Smith

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Friday, November 21, 2008

160 Remote Viewing examples

160 (mainly CRV) Remote viewing Examples

I have just reorganised and updated the Star gate documents area of my main site and now have two pages of documents in .pdf format.
Page 1 has over 100 Military (mainly CRV) sessions for you to view
- all with feedback -

Page 2 - has a selection of interesting documents from the CIA archives.

I have also with permission and help from Angela T Smith added Angela's 2001 remote viewing study to the site - this includes all the 25 RV sessions from all the methods (CRV, TRV,ERV, HRVG) and schools (USMI L, PSI , RVI S, CRV) from all levels of trained people - విత్ their feedback and Angela's summary of the data.

Add to this my personal remote viewings and this makes approx 160 mixed method(but mainly CRV) sessions on public display with feedback.

All the best...

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


James Burnett, Ph.D., P.E.


This paper is directed to why we are having so much difficulty scientifically understanding phenomena such as remote viewing (clairvoyance), dowsing, and spiritual healing.

I wrote this paper mostly for myself to better organize my thoughts, as a physicist, on my psychic and spiritual experiences and what these experiences are saying about the nature of the universe.

My paper emphasizes that we scientists must get out of our comfortable assumptions of a 4-dimensional space-time with immutable physics in order to significantly progress on understanding the Universe.

While my suggested view of "reality", and my supporting experiences, are not unique -- there are few signs that this view and such justifying experiences are much considered in the scientific and psychism communities.

Rather, I see that most scientists researching psychism are stuck in the comfortable assumptions that physics and 4-dimensional space-time are always valid and never have exceptions. They are also stuck in not weighing in possibly an active conscious spiritual participant.

This paper will not be acceptable to the standard research publications, because these publications with their peer review systems are the most stuck of all in these comfortable assumptions. I am retired and have no motivation to create technical publications for my professional advancement, which gives me the freedom to think and write unfettered.

For the ones who can manage their belief system, and not be managed by it, I offer this paper for thought.

I expect that changing the public's belief system on psychism will be done by generation-death and a new generation of more open thinkers. That is what Dr. Lister experienced with the German medical profession, after he discovered germs and sterilization.


My background is provided to establish that I am an experienced physical scientist.

My education is a B.S. in Aeronautics, a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Physics. I was educated at the University of Michigan. My technical career has spanned fifty years of research and development, along with university teaching.


Since my youth I have been a highly-functional psychic, with a lifetime of psychic and spiritual experiences -- which I generally keep as a private matter.

I am functional in clairvoyance, psychokinesis (some times), spiritual healing, and other experiences I don't know how to categorize.. I am also functional in remote viewing and dowsing.

I never take money for these abilities, so I have no commercial motives.


As a physicist I first want to remind the reader that the first principal of science is:

When reason conflicts with experience, experience trumps.

This point is being made due to a number of scientists wanting to reject unusual phenomena that have not passed their rigor of reproducible scientific testing. Denying the experience on this argument is promoted by scientists who like their comfortable belief system of testable reproducibility, and have forgotten the starting foundation of all new physical theories -- experience trumps.

And, there is no reason that unusual phenomena, such as these spiritual and psychic experiences, must be reproducible and testable in this 4-dimensional physical reality. These are assumptions conveniently made. Nice, handy, but not justifiable. Especially with humans.

I note that my wife will not meet the test reproducibility -- but she is very real never the less.

My experiences with spiritual miracles have strongly demonstrated that our space-time physics does not always hold when dealing with spiritual phenomena. Some things occur that are impossible according to our 4-dimensional physics.

There appears merit in the statements of Hindu mystics that this physical existence is an illusion and the real world is the spiritual world.

I have had spiritual-miracle experiences that are impossible, but they did physically occur. Some major spiritual experiences occurred under conditions of close observation that prevented trickery.

I initially struggled with accepting these spiritual experiences because they so violated my physics training. However, I finally accepted the experiences were real, but not explainable within the currently known physics of this physical existence.

• One striking example was a mystic manifested a physical object out of nowhere. This object appeared about one foot in front of my eyes while I was staring at the manifestation point. My wife also witnessed the experience. Trickery was impossible. He gifted us the object afterward as a memento.

• Another example was the healing of a structural defect in a person's skeletal system -- permanently curing a condition that was medically untreatable.


In spiritual healing, and in remote viewing (clairvoyance) and dowsing, I note that I use the same process. It is my experience that they are all the same phenomena, just used for different purposes.

My spiritual healing experiences, and many psychic experiences, all have the clear nature that there is a spiritual interactive consciousness that sometimes responds to my requests with actions and information.

I speculate that this same spiritual consciousness is the source of the information gleaned by remote viewing and dowsing.

Presently none of these psychism and spirituality phenomena are well understood. I believe the problem here is our current research methodologies are constrained by our belief in an immutable physics and space-time reality.


dimension: One of the group of dimensions, whose number is necessary and sufficient to determine uniquely each element of a system of entities.

So: Are 4-dimensions sufficient for our total existence?

To quote Mr. Edwin A. Abbot (1838 - 1926), author of "Flatland, A Romance of Many Dimensions":

The Inhabitants of SPACE IN GENERAL
This Work is Dedicated
By a Humble Native of Flatland
In the Hope that
Even as he was Initiated into the Mysteries
Of THREE Dimensions
Having been previously conversant
So the Citizens of that Celestial Region
May aspire yet higher and higher
To the Secrets of FOUR, FIVE OR EVEN SIX Dimensions
Thereby contributing
To the Enlargement of THE IMAGINATION
And the possible Development
Of that most rare and excellent Gift of MODESTY
Among the Superior Races


The word "spiritual" is different from the word "religious".
Classical Pantheism:
My usage of the word "spiritual" is close, but not always the same as in Classical Pantheism.
Classical pantheism is expressed in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Monism, and the New Age, as viewing God in both a personal and a cosmic manner।

The names God, Brahman, and The Conscious (interactive) Universe are interchangeable in my usage।

Classical pantheists believe there is a spiritual basis to all reality. So do many physicists, due to our experiences with quantum physics.
A feature of pantheism is that each individual human is an active part of the Universe or God.

A way to understand this relationship is through the Hindu phrase, tat tvam asi - "that thou art", wherein the human soul/self or Atman is understood to be the same as God or Brahman - only people do not realize it। In this Hindu concept they believe that one must be liberated through enlightenment (moksha) in order to experience and fully understand this relationship - then the part becomes no longer dissimilar from the whole.

God or Brahman or the Conscious Universe is said to be eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and ultimately indescribable in human thoughts and language

(I disagree with the underlined part above, and argue that because God or Brahman has given each human soul free will, God is self-constrained from being omnipotent or "all powerful".

I note that parents are not all powerful over their child, once they give the child some free-will in order for them to gain life experiences and mature।)

The sage-seers (rishis) of the Upanishads (Hindu scriptures) fully realized Brahman as the reality behind their own being and of everything else in this universe। This rishi knowledge is ancient -- from thousand of years before Christ.

• These rishis described Brahman as infinite Being, infinite Consciousness, and infinite Bliss (satcitananda).
• Brahman is regarded as the source and essence of the universe.
• The initial unmanifest state of singularity of the universe is described as a "beyond being and non-being" in the Nasadiya Sukta.
• The Rig Veda says that by the desire of the Supreme Being, the initial manifestation of the material universe came into being from Hiranyagarbha (literally "golden womb"), out of which all worlds, organisms and divine beings (devas) arise.

It is said that Brahman cannot be known by material means, and we cannot be conscious of it because Brahman is our very consciousness.

(I take exception to the underlined portion above, because of my experiences with The Conscious Universe। Over the years, I have had interactive physical experiences with The Conscious Universe many times, demonstrating to me that a human can communicate both ways with The Consciousness Universe.)

Based on these experiences in spirituality and psychism, I propose that a Conscious (interactive) Universe is why psychic and spiritual phenomena occur. I propose that:

Psychic and spiritual phenomena are a participatory spiritual connection with The Conscious Universe.

Four-dimensional space-time physics is not immutable when it is involved with spiritual connections।

Physicists do not know how to measure or detect a spiritual connection except by experience -- which is why we scientists are having so much trouble studying and understanding psychic and spiritual phenomena.

James Burnett, Ph.D., P.E. - 26 October 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Remote Influencing Experiment

Remote Influencing trials.

As the first in a series of remote influencing experiments on UKRV we aim to trial I tried to remote influence an REG (random event generator) based a few hundred miles away from me.

For this first attempt I attempted to use three differing psychic methods each lasting for 20 minutes within the space of a hours work.

The REG machine compiles a report of the activity (see image) When working normally the line will go up and down generally in the middle of the page/graph - above and below the centre line in between the curved marker

Mine has the good effect outside the curve near the beginning then generally just stays high and increases high - The best effect though was near the beginning showing a small time of remote influencing on the machine

I think to be honest trying three completely different psychic methods was too much in such a short time space and watching the clock for the 20 minute time zones didn’t help my focus, but its all experimental and this will be adjusted.

The first 20 minutes was using a deep mediation and a technique discarnate entities taught me about moving part of myself to different places other than me - this worked the best it seems.

The second 20 minutes I went straight into a frontloaded remote viewing of the machine and tried to describe/sketch its internal components.

The third 20 minutes I went straight into Qui Gong deep breathing exercises - building my energy and trying to push/transfer this towards the machine.

We have much more work to be done and ideas for trial and potential uses so watch this space over the coming months.

All the best...

Daz Smith

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remote Viewing the Steve Fossett disappearance

On this blog in September of 2007 we posted a single session and blind analysis from a group of civilian remote viewers, and their attempt at finding out what happened to Steve Fossett. Click here to read the original post.

As with ALL remote viewing - it can only be real Remote Viewing and fully evaluated with feedback, and with the latest discoveries of articles the plane and a crash site a picture is now starting to emerge of what happened that fateful day.

With this in mind the members of The Aurora Group - a civilian remote viewing group working operational and humanitarian projects, have given me permission to post all the blind remote viewing sessions and blind analysis.

Aurora-Steve Fossett RV sessions - (click to view or download).

As with all Rv there is both accurate and inaccurate data, but overall i think you'll agree the picture from the viewers and the analyst is close to the emerging picture.

All the best...

Daz Smith

Saturday, September 20, 2008


REMOTE VIEWING HINTS By James Burnett, Ph. D., P.E.

*note: [ I have been given permission to release this from a contact of mine James Burnett - Daz Smith]

Provided here is practical information on doing the remote viewing process. It will help beginners wanting to improve their performance.

For more information on remote viewing, I suggest the books listed at the end of this article.

My teachers were Dr. Keith Harary and Dr. Russell Targ, formerly of the STARGATE Remote Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).


I have practiced remote viewing for years, and experienced steady improvement in performance while doing a lot of double-blind viewings. Practicing allowed me to find a good personal viewing procedure and to learn to recognize an incoming signal.
There are probably as many different procedures for remote-viewing as there are proficient viewers.

People find a viewing procedure that works best for them. I will give you mine.
At this point my viewings, done with double-blind setups and independent judging, deliver a success of about 90%. About 1 in 10 of my viewings has very high detail.

RV Pictures:

I receive RV data in the form of pictures.
What I get is a gradually formed picture, which starts out as a vague image on the "inner screen", which some people think of as the location of the "third eye".
Then, the picture gradually fills in with more detail and color.
I interrupt during a viewing and sketch and write comments on what I have seen so far. Then, I go back to the viewing process -- which does not seem adversly affected by the interruption.

It takes me patience to view successfully. Commonly, five minutes or more will pass before any image starts to appear. Then, it might take another five minutes or more for the picture data to fully fill in. During the viewing, I commonly interrupt and add to the sketch as many as three times, plus once more after the end of the viewing.
When the picture stops filling in more details, the viewing is effectively done.

About one in ten times, I will get a very high detail colored picture -- nearly a photograph. It might have to do with how well I kept my objective mind's thinking away from the viewing process.

The rest of my viewings (except the high detail viewings) appear as a "cartoon". (See Figure 1. below). I have always thought it weird that The Universe chooses to communicate in the form of these cartoons, but there you are.
In viewings where I get cartoon responses, the cartoons are usually unclear on what they represent. They become obvious when examined against the double-blind targets by the judges.

In real target viewing with a cartoon response, one has partial data on the target. So, data is usually needed from more than one viewer to try to fill in more of the details.

Cartoon Data Example:
This article shows only one cartoon example, because this particular cartoon demonstrates fully the nature of these cartoons.
Figure I is a cartoon picture I received in a double-blind practice exercise. My interpretation comments, at the bottom of the sketch, were added after the viewing ceased.

One cannot interpret the data during an on-going viewing, because the intervention of the objective mind kills the viewing connection immediately.
This target first gradually filled in as the outline shape. Then, the purple field filled in. Then, the holes appeared. That was it.

Figure 2 is the practice target viewed, which turned out to be a picture of a dead body. So, it is possible to RV a picture of a dead body. I do not know if that means that one can RV a dead body, rather than the picture as I did.


"Ötzi" was found by two hikers in 1991 in the Italian Alps. The body was at first thought to be a modern corpse. He was then determined to have died about 3300 B.C., and has been preserved by the ice since then.


I note a bias in my viewings.

I see physical objects and fire from the target, but do not see the live people. In one viewing, I did see the dead body which was the target.
A professional-psychic female associate saw the live people in the same viewing exercise. But, she did not see the fire, and not much of structure.

It seems viewers have different sensitivities when viewing the same target at the same time. This is another reason for using several viewers on a real target.

Recognizing a Good Signal:

Oddly, I found that a reliable indicator for me of a successful viewing going on is that my mind whispers to me:
"You have got it wrong; you are going to look like a fool if you take this as a good viewing." Those were the times when I got a really good viewing. It seems my mind does not like the RV process, and I have to struggle with that situation.

Avoiding Mind Interference:

An important part of the viewing procedure is to keep my thinking mind from entering and trying to "help". It must remain only in the role of an observer and recorder. Once my thinking mind enters the process, the viewing immediately ceases. It was a struggle until I learned to make an arrangement with my mind at the start of the viewing process.

My personal viewing initiation process

When I do a viewing I always begin by saying to my inner mind these statements:

"It is okay that this viewing does not work, as long as I do the process correctly." "I draw whatever comes in; I do not try to understand it." "Thinking Mind please act only as an observer, and please do not help otherwise. Thank you." "Please show me the information in present time." (Or, future or past time.) "Please show me the Target now."

This viewing initiation procedure works for me, and resulted in a big improvement in my viewing results.


In practice situations, the double-blind targets are randomly selected by some device just before being read. No human knows what the target is until after the viewing is complete.
In such practicing, SRI found that the viewer only has to say: "Show me the Target now". The viewer does not have to otherwise identify the target in any other way, except to specify time. Somehow, the Universe knows the correct target.

There are sometimes targeting errors during multiple viewings -- such as when the target actually viewed is the one following the one blind-selected to be next viewed. This can occur even though the target-after has not yet been selected. So, the Universe seems to have a view of the future regarding targeting.
SRI found out that viewing can easily be out of present time, so the viewer must give an instruction regarding in what time do they want to view.

The time can be highly specific in looking into the past.
There are other ways to target, such as coordinates, which are covered in the suggested books. Dr. Harary said that targeting is the greatest mystery of remote viewing.

Putting It Down:

In viewing, if one might be seeing something but is unsure, then, that is the time to start putting it down. That is how it is done. In my case, the picture gradually develops. If a viewer starts judging whether or not they are seeing a real target, then the thinking mind gets into it and kills the viewing.


Practice, with a lot of double-blind readings and independent judging, does the most to improve one's proficiency.

Dr. Burnett can be reached at

Dr. James Burnett, P.E. is a retired physicist who studies psychic phenomena as a scientist. His academic degrees are:
  • B.S. in Aeronautics
  • M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Mathematics
  • Ph. D. in Physics
  • P.E. as a Licensed Professional Nuclear Engineer
  • His studies were at the University of Michigan
  • Dr. Burnett performed research and development for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA); the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC); National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army, and other agencies.
Suggested Books: "Mind-reach" by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff "The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities", by Russell Targ and Keith Harary. "Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook", by Joseph McMoneagle