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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A 'Titanic' example of remote viewing in public.

Recently I was interviewed on the very interesting Paracast internet Radio show by Gene Steinbeg and David Biedny.

"April 26, 2009 — Daz Smith Paracast listener Daz Smith, who claims to be a trained remote viewer, discusses his background and ongoing experiences as a psychic. And, will he agree to our requests for a personal demonstration of his abilities? "

The show can be downloaded here:

Well after some discussion on air and off and a false start we did achieve a fairly level playing field allowing participation in a properly chosen and tasked target and blind remote viewing experiment for the shows forum users.

A target was chosen by the admins of the Paracast show and forum. They then assigned this a written random number and held this as a file to themselves.

The random number was the only information supplied to Myself and another participant in the attempt using the online name of 'Gulliver'.
The number supplied was 4672.

We both did our Remote viewing things and sent it to the project organiser David. On the 8th of may, 2009 he posted the feedback and started the discussion on the results on the Paracast forum here:

The feedback was:

The Titanic wreck.

The target description was: Describe the ship in the picture, and any details surrounding it.

Here is the summary of Gulliver's remote viewing information:
Clunk, whine, ssshhhh, rumble
Smooth, polished
Grey, purple, green, white
Synthetic feel, rubbery

Moving object, metallic, expensive, swish

Whirring sound
Lifting upwards, rising up
Winching, hinged joints, gears
Pointing upwards, aiming

Sense of a long tunnel or horizontal cylinder aimed in a particular
direction for a purpose
Pipes, tunnel

Slow movement, slow crawl
Heavy machinery
Wheel (steering)

Rows of long pipes on floor level
Reflection as if off water
A cockpit of sorts
Metal plates, welded
Heavy machinery being reeled in / pulled
Upside-down bell-shaped object

(odd flash of 2 figures dancing like a jive, hands clasped in front of

slow movement of large object
accompanied by a procession, marching, people
movement along a line,
sense of a tunnel again, long cylindrical length

(see the forum to also see Gulliver's great sketches on this target)

Here is the summary data from my remote viewing session:
The target mainly feels like:
Land, structure/s and a downwards feel or movement.

The land:
Direct, hard, solid rough and dry.

Feels manmade.
Strong imposing shape and form.
Tall, solid, hard, thick and dense.

The structure feels:
Very linear both on the horizontal and vertical levels. Lots of lines - blocky.
A part of the structure feels downwards based - drops downwards.
I’m not sure if this is motion or aesthetic and visual.

From the perspective of looking up at the target;
it looks linear and oblique/sloped.
Everything feels chunky, solid and dense.

This has a ‘monolithic’ and important feel to it, like a memorial, a great sense of pride and achievement, a strength and for show.

Parts of the structure feel:
Blocky, stepped down, solid, edged and chunky.
Strong angles and lines feel like a major part of this target.

A strong sense of downward comes with this target.
A part or focus of the structure is an up down movement, possibly with the eye. I feel the form of the structure and the downwards movement of it are combined in some way.

Personally we feel that this was a great double hit on the blind target all done out in the open in front of a sceptical audience. Read the forums for yourself to see the responses and reasons why some feel it was a miss and why :)

My remote viewing session on this in full can be downloaded here:



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  • NICE WORK! ... ay, how come you didnt post this session on your other website?

    You nailed the S2 and S3 info very clearly!

    Two words, Kick ass!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:36 PM  

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